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Every month we interview and feature the nations very best talent on a wide range of topics and challenges that benefit everyone in the real estate industry.

Our coaching sessions delve deep into the information that has been requested from our listeners and often features full checklists and documentation that allows for quality implementation and consistent improvement. John McGrath and Lee Woodward launched the program over ten years ago and both still appear today as the founding members and industry experts who have a passion for sharing knowledge.

Bradley Brown: Sharing his wisdom cards


Your life is like a book, and you're the author of that book

Grit is about the ability to try again, and again, when things don’t go according to plan. Bradley Brown, the master of true grit and a legend in real estate circles is a man who understands the power of discipline and tenacity. For more than 14 years, the US native has been... Read More

Nice Guys Finish First


With Maurice Butler

Maurice Butler is one of the nice guys in real estate who is reaping rewards from his passionate approach to business. Warm and engaging, for over 11 years Maurice has ranked in the top two percent of agents nationally within the Professionals group in New Zealand and has a whopping fifty per cent market share. Working i... Read More

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sawdust listing lessons

With Lee Woodward and John McGrath
There’s magic in what’s left over.

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Summer 2016.
Bradley Brown, Every man's guide for a brilliant life

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