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Our coaching sessions delve deep into the information that has been requested from our listeners and often features full checklists and documentation that allows for quality implementation and consistent improvement. John McGrath and Lee Woodward launched the program over ten years ago and both still appear today as the founding members and industry experts who have a passion for sharing knowledge.

Combine Human Connection with Digital Technology


With Aaron Spehr

If you stand quietly and use digital technology to broadcast to your customer that you understand them or their problem, they will naturally gravitate to you. They will think, ‘That guy understands me. He knows the market. He knows what I'm going through. All of these other guys are talking about their commissions and... Read More

Zero-500 Property Managements


With Lauren Robinson

Imagine being able to grow the rent roll of a property management business and attract the ideal clientele without purchasing a rent roll or competing on price. That is precisely what Lauren Robinson, author, speaker and Director of Rental Results in Brisbane, has done since opening the doors of her boutique property ma... Read More

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sawdust listing lessons

With Lee Woodward and John McGrath
There’s magic in what’s left over.

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issue 38 online

Winter 2019.
Feat. Lauren Robinson from the Zero to 500 Property Mgmt Program

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