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Hello and welcome to Real Estate Hot topics , Australia's leading audio and written information guide of training and skills content to the real estate industry.

Every month we interview and feature the nations very best talent on a wide range of topics and challenges that benefit everyone in the real estate industry.

Our coaching sessions delve deep into the information that has been requested from our listeners and often features full checklists and documentation that allows for quality implementation and consistent improvement. John McGrath and Lee Woodward launched the program over ten years ago and both still appear today as the founding members and industry experts who have a passion for sharing knowledge.



With Lee Woodward

A better, simpler way to onboard & upskill your salespeople. How many times have you employed someone only to have them leave after discovering the job is not what they thought it would be? Or you’ve had to let them go when they’re still counter-productive six months down the track?

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Better Homes and Gardens


With Sherry Chris

A new brand is coming to shake up the Australian real estate marketplace. Wildly successful magazine and TV staple; ‘Better Homes and Gardens’ has a cross-platform reach of more than 3.5 million people across print, digital and social media, with the magazine being one of the most popular in Australia.

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coaching tips

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sawdust listing lessons

With Lee Woodward and John McGrath
There’s magic in what’s left over.

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issue 36 online

Summer 2018.
Featuring Activate, Also Sherry Chris, from Better Homes & Gardens

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